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I am delighted to report that our 25th Anniversary Ball of the Year & Weekend held at the Floral Hall, Southport on May 22nd, 23rd & 24th was a resounding success. It commenced with the Friday evening dance, attended by over 280 members, dancing to the music of that very competent organist, David Last. MC’s for the evening were Chairman Joyce Hutchins & Richard Purcell, displaying some excellent dancing.

On the Saturday some 350 members attended plus the Mayor & Mayoress of Sefton; Robin Flynn & June Day, Inventive Dance Organisers of the SDTA; Mrs Jean Hodgkinson, a Director of the NCDTA; David Hipshaw, the newly elected President of the ADA, with Mrs Pauline Griffiths. The IDTA was well represented by Derek Tonks, a long-time director & a member of the British Dance Council's Sequence Advisory Board, with his wife Beryl, both very well known to the Old Time community & long time members of our Society; Derek Young, a director of the UKA, General Secretary of the Stage Dance Council International, three times a British Professional Old Time Champion & a member of our Society; special guest, Miss Rita Pover (inventor of the Regis Waltz, Tango Serida, Saunter Revé, Granchester Saunter, Tango Victoria, etc.), with her husband Danny & grandson Daniel.

We were very pleased to welcome our patron, Miss Angela Rippon O.B.E. She spent a lot of time circulating amongst the dancers & only left after 10pm (due to a 7am start the next morning on her way to Bristol). Before leaving she had been "persuaded" by Fred to partner him in the Grand March Lancers & later dragged Richard on to the floor for the Bermuda Foxtrot. Also attending were members Helen Blackburn, who writes for "Dance Today", with husband Steven, David & Wendy Griffiths of Savoy Records & Founder Members, & new members Jeff & Muriel Aldren, arrangers of Chester Waltz, Ragtime Swing, etc., & regular opponents of ours on the professional competition circuit.

Music for the dancing was provided by the Empress Orchestra from Blackpool interspersed with music from the redoubtable David Last, MC’s were my long-suffering wife Pat & myself.

The photographer, who did a roaring trade on the Saturday, was Norman Rubenis of Norton Canes, in Staffordshire.

The Sunday evening dance was under the control of that anchor of the Old Time movement, our respected President Fred Boast, with his wife (equally long-suffering) Joyce. These two took us through the programme on what was a nice relaxed evening.

Membership Secretary Paul Harding was responsible for the first class design and printing of the tickets & ladies dance cards. June & Ron Urquhart were in charge of the Saturday evening raffle, & did a great job in raising over £400 for Society funds. Special thanks for a great job go to Chris Everitt, who was responsible for liaising with the musicians, booking the accommodation, selling the tickets & for ensuring that any hotel problems were resolved.

Mike Cooper, Press Officer

Photo's by an OTD member .David Sherwood

BOY 2009 Professional

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