Founded 1984

Ball fo the Year Blackpool and Fleetwood 2012

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Park House Hotel

Marine Hall, Fleetwood

Ron & June Urquhart with David Ingley (organist) 

John &Joan Rowbotham celebrating their 59th Wedding Anniversary

Valse Martine

Progressive Quadrilles

Hull Group

Saturday night dance Leaders Mike and Pat Cooper

Friday night dance leaders Ron and June Urquhart

Mike & Pat Cooper with David Ingley (organist) 

Red White & Blue

Balmoral Blues

The Lancers

Men of Hull

Luton Group 

Oxford Crew

Ron and Paul

Old Time Barbers Shop Quintet

Fredericka Schottische

Land of Hope & Glory

Land of Hope & Glory

Land of Hope & Glory

Handsome Prince of Wales

Magnificent Tower Ballroom

Magnificent Tower Ballroom

Old Timers Blackpool Ballroom

Sunday night dance Leaders Grahame and Bernice Baldwin

Grahame and Bernice Baldwin David Ingley (organist) 

Bob meets old friends

Red Devils