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Stoke-on-Trent Ball of the Year - Report

 If I'm perfectly honest I was not sure about spending a long weekend in Stoke but, I along with everyone else was in for a surprise. The weather was very kind to us and the four star Moat House hotel is set in a very good position with excellent facilities. The bus stop was just across the road from where you could " go up anley duck " for great shopping and in return for a few minutes street entertaining your whole group was rewarded with a free shopping bag. the canal walks were just around the corner and the local shopping mall just a short walk away. If you wanted to travel a little further the countryside is beautiful and there are large gardens and historic houses to visit.

Friday evening attendance 110

The Kings Hall is perfect for the Ball weekend and with the stage and table flower arrangements looked very pretty. Christine and Robert Haywood were our Friday night leaders. Robert looking very smart in his new suit and Christine looking beautiful in silver and black. Their lead was exemplary particularly in the championship dances and they are a joy to watch.

Saturday evening attendance 125

Anne and John Rainey were the MCs and leaders for the main event. John very stylish in his evening attire and Ann very elegant in a midnight blue ensemble. It was their first time with the O.T.D.S. and proved a great success, even demonstrating one of the dances they had invented.  A presentation was made during the first interval to Bernice and Grahame Baldwin on the occasion of their Golden Wedding Anniversary.   The raffle was drawn during the second interval and raised £263.00.  Thank you to everyone who supplied prizes and bought tickets.                                                              

Sunday evening attendance 108

The finale of the weekend was hosted by Michelle Boddy and Barry Rogers, Barry very dapper in evening suit and Michelle wore a beautiful kingfisher blue evening dress. They did a fantastic job and did their level best to get everyone up and dancing.

Our maestro for the Ball weekend was Mr. David Ingley he played extremely well, the acoustics of the hall really lend to the overall sound of a good organist.

All in all it was a marvellous and very well attended event, with excellent and varied programmes of dancing led by exceptional leaders, thoroughly enjoyed by all those who attended.

Just a couple of things I feel are worthy of mention. the first being the award for dedication to Old Time dancing. My nominee is Jonathan Grewcock, who travelled by train to work and back on the Saturday, a true example of commitment, well done Jonathan. The other being a prime example of how to unwind after a great night of dancing and that goes to our " Golden girls" who managed to deplete the hotel's entire stock of Baileys, admittedly they did have a little help.

Sue Hamm press officer