Founded 1984

The 2012 Autumn Weekend of the Old Time Dance Society was held from Friday 26th October to Monday  29th October 2012 in one of England’s Finest Historic Cities  -  LINCOLN  - with its magnificent Gothic Cathedral  and Castle which houses Lincolns 1215 Magna Carta and Charter of the Forest plus the Medieval Bishops Palace and Guildhall.

Our Hotel for the weekend was the “Holiday Inn”, situated right on the Brayford  Waterfront just a short walk from Lincoln’s main shopping centre with a daunting number of shops to explore.

The venue for our 3 nights dancing was “The Lawn” an excellent Ballroom just a short walk from Lincoln’s famous Cathedral and Castle.

Our Hostess & Leader for the Friday evening dance was the Societies Area Representative

Michelle Boddy she lead an excellent and varied programme and was partnered by members of the Committee. Our Musician for all 3 nights was Mr. Phillip Randles, and with over 140 dancers in attendance, Michelle was cheered on & supported by all but especially by a large local contingent of Lincoln’s finest dancers, which got the weekend off to flying start.

The Old Time Society A.G.M. was held on Saturday morning in the Lincoln Suite at “The Lawn” and started at 10.30am with 87 members in attendance.   At the end of the meeting the Secretary announced the result of the election for 4 places on the Committee, the result of the postal ballot was as follows: -   

           Grahame Baldwin     = 372

           Fred Boast               = 384

           Paul Harding            = 383

           Alan Grohs              = 139

           Peter Jephson          = 224

Grahame Baldwin, Fred Boast, Paul Harding & Peter Jephson were duly elected to serve on the Committee for the next 2 years.  

The Saturday night Old Time Ball is always a special evening and our hosts & leaders by tradition were the Societies Chairman, Grahame Baldwin & his wife Bernice.

An excellent evening of Traditional Old Time Dancing followed and it was a delight to see the return of some of our neglected dances such as the Gay Paree One Step. During the evening a raffle was held and £217 was raised, so a very big thank you to everyone who donated prizes and supported the raffle.   Also one of the Society members Georgina Jones a talented artist from Hull, painted a beautiful picture of Victorian Dancers which she donated to the Society as a gift to be auctioned off during the evening.  So – our Chairman Grahame - gavel in hand got the bidding off to a lively start to auction the painting to the highest bidder - the result £40 was raised for the Society funds.

As with the previous night, one of the highlights of the evening was the set dance which was “The Lancers”.  The Dance floor quickly filled to capacity for this dance, so much so that in the Fifth Figure – The Grand Chain, some sets drifted inadvertently into others, so the set I was in finished with 5 EXTRA couples - co-incidentally all from Leicester!!!  A great finish to an unforgettable evening.

After breakfast on Sunday Morning the weather proved wet & windy which could have kept us all stranded in our hotel rooms (having gained an extra hour in bed from the clocks going back 1 Hour)

However  -  the ladies, not wishing to subject  their Gentlemen to such inclement weather conditions insisted that the Gentlemen wrap up well, and with umbrella in hand, were instructed only to go to warm and covered areas in the town (such as shopping malls). The Gentlemen, as one would expect were so appreciative of this kindness, that they carried the ladies shopping bags all the way home, with grateful smiles on their little faces and a song in their hearts  -  Priceless!

On Sunday Evening, our last night in Lincoln, our hosts & leaders were the Societies President and his wife Fred & Joyce Boast. With another programme of Traditional Old Time Dances.  There was again a full floor for every dance and the evening seemed to fly by so that by the time the coaches arrived to take us all back to our hotel everyone was very weary yet strangely up-lifted and enthused in a way that only old time can do.

A great tribute to our Events organiser Paul Harding and the rest of the Committee for all the many hours of hard work which guaranteed we all had an excellent weekend in Lincoln.

Report of Autumn Weekend 2012