Founded 1984

2015 Autumn Weekend in Skipton Report

The chosen venue for this year’s AGM was in Skipton at the aptly named Rendezvous Hotel, which stands on the side of the Leeds to Liverpool canal, thus providing a lovely walk along the tow path as well as easy transport links to other areas, which most of our members took full advantage of. Forget New England in the fall, the autumnal scenery in and around the Yorkshire Dales is truly spectacular when viewed from a steam train or canal boat ride or walking and driving in the Bolton Abbey area.

The hotel provided excellent amenities, well-appointed accommodation, really good food and first class service. The ballroom is very pretty and the floor easily accessible from all areas.

The actual AGM was exceptionally well attended ( 89 members 13 area reps ) and professionally run and proceeded without a hitch, even ensuring we missed the only really wet part of the weekend the rest of which we enjoyed in very pleasant autumn weather, and we had the great pleasure of welcoming Mr Nigel Carter onto the Committee.

Of course the main objective of any Society weekend is to indulge in our beloved Old Time dancing and boy we certainly did that. Our Friday leaders were the very 'precious' Kath and Keith Jackson attended by 115 dancers. Saturday being in the perquisite of the Chairman was led by Grahame and the newly appointed events secretary Bernice Baldwin and entertained 119 dancers. Sunday was in the expert hands of our treasurer Ron with his wife June Urquhart also a Committee member, they had 115 dancers. All our leaders deem it a privilege and honour to be invited to take the lead at our events but I would like to add that it also serves to show how much we regard and appreciate these very talented and hardworking people.

This weekend was enhanced by the first appearance of our chosen organist Elizabeth Harrison, it was very evident how much she enjoys her music and I am confident we will welcome her back in the near future as we were treated to some really excellent compositions and beautifully played music.

It is something very special when professionals, amateurs seasoned and new devotees of Old Time dancing take to the floor, or as one little girl put it as she observed from the doorway, all those James Bonds dancing with beautiful princesses. It remains for me to give a huge vote of thanks to all those attending for contributing to a truly enjoyable and friendly weekend. With events like this our Society is in very good hands. YOURS.

Sue Hamm, Press Officer