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2014 Autumn Weekend in Bath Report

Around 40 of the members travelled to Bath on the Thursday for the Autumn weekend event, some coming by a more roundabout route than others.   We encountered some particularly narrow roads where we even had to pull in our side mirrors but we all arrived safe and sound. The vast majority of dancers arrived on Friday morning.

The Limpley Stoke Hotel, which was a beautiful Georgian Country house and the main hotel for the Society. It was very comfortable with lovely (although a little smoky from the open fires in the communal areas).   All the staff were super efficient and very friendly. The hotel is set in stunning countryside and a lot of the members thoroughly enjoyed the nearby canal walks and being able to take the local bus service into the very historic and beautiful City of Bath or to the more rural Bradford upon Avon.

Phillip Randles was our organist over the three evenings of dancing and played some really excellent and enjoyable music.

FRIDAY : Sue and Alison Kellie took to the floor as our leaders and they did an excellent job, they included some very popular dances. ie. Liberty Two Step. Bermuda Foxtrot, Firefly Tango, Heather Waltz, the set dance was the Lancers, Saunter Revé, Serene Saunter and Georgella Blues. Sue and Alison got the weekend off to a great start 

The AGM was held on the Saturday: morning and was very well attended with standing room only.   Fred Boast was unopposed and confirmed as President.    Paul Harding and Grahame Baldwin were re-elected and I was elected on to the committee.   

The Saturday: evening dance falls within the remit of the Chairman evening and as it was Paul and Hazel Harding's home town I am sure they must have felt it an enormous honour to welcome us all to this magnificent building and elegant dance venue graced by some truly magnificent chandeliers.   The Bath and N.E. Somerset council very generously supported this event and the Chairman of the Council Mr Martin Veal attended the evening which allowed Paul Harding to welcome and introduce him to the members present.   We enjoyed another excellent evening of Old Time Dancing which included,. Northern Star Waltz (this was lead by the Committee - what a debut for Eddy and I).. Ascot Gavotte, Balmoral Blues. The set dance was the Caledonians, Mexican Swing, Classic Gavotte along with other dances.  A large generous raffle was also held during the evening, the profit from the raffles are used to subsidise the society and keep the membership cost down.   Another wonderful and memorable evening. 

Sunday we were in the very capable hands of our President Fred Boast and his wife Joyce. Their evening of Traditional Old Time included the Chester Waltz, Idaho Foxtrot, the Quadrilles, Lola Tango, La Mascotte along with the Imperial Two Step a progressive dance.   . Again a superb evening of dancing and a fitting end to an exceptional weekend.

Press Officer – Sue Hamm

If you have any photographs from this or any future events then please email them to me.    All photographs will be then considered for inclusion on the Society web page.

Secretary – June Urquhart