Founded 1984

Norwich Ball of the Year - Report

Well what a great weekends dancing in Norwich for our Ball of the Year.

Friday night was a delight with leaders Robin and Jane Meekins,

Saturday leaders were Andrew Pigg and Ursula Barker who showed us why they are dance champions with a wonderful exhibition of dance techniques. They even brought several "supporters" along who also gave a fine display of dancing. During the interval on Saturday evening a presentation was made to Kath Jackson who had sewn together 26 table cloths for the Society following a donation received from the late Arnold and Grace Precious.

Sunday night Michelle Boddy was our leader who was supported by several different partners helping her to lead off the dances. Paul Harding acted as her compere for the Sunday evening which allowed Michelle to circulate in order to collect her various dance partners.

Overall the dance programmes were in my opinion extremely enjoyable and I did not hear of a single complaint. David Last was our organist for the weekend and as usual his music played to perfection providing the inspiration to get up and have a go!

The dance venue was adequate for purpose but the large columns did cause some obstruction when trying to watch the leaders lead off. Our hotel was "tired looking" but the food and the staff made up for this.

Norwich was a nice place to wander around and personally we found it a place that we would definitely return to.

All in all a very enjoyable weekends break.

Press Officer, Alan Grohs