Founded 1984

Shrewsbury Report  by Sue Hamm

Shrewsbury proved to be a wonderful town to visit especially if you were as lucky as the Society in getting such beautiful Spring weather.   As you explore you come across secret little jitties and alleyways leading to lots of interesting and historic buildings,  museums and churches.   It has managed to keep a vast array of independent shops and cafes.   The River Severn almost encircles the town, many of our members took advantage of the weather to enjoy a very informative boat trip.   The central park known as the Quarry situated by the river and I have heard so many exclamations of "wow" as people came across the beautiful spring flower gardens laid down by Percy Thrower.  

We stayed at the historic Lion Hotel which has an abundance of character with lots of interesting nooks and crannies with a gorgeous domed ballroom.   The three sets of leaders did themselves and the society proud.   Keith and Eve have lost none of their poise and elegance and got the weekend off to a tremendous start.   Robert and Christine took over on the Saturday they are such a joy to watch and kept up the wonderful atmosphere.   We held a raffle which raised £149.00 , thank you to everyone who contributed.    As the next day was Mothering Sunday all the ladies were presented with very pretty potted primroses.  Bernard and Dilys had their first Society lead on the Sunday, what a great job they did with a relaxed and natural style, they both have lovely infectious smiles that kept the whole group smiling and at ease.   All the leaders took time out to dance with the members which greatly added to a very friendly and enjoyable weekend of Old Time dancing.

I can't praise David Last enough he played superbly all weekend including lots of our favourite pieces of music and sing along tunes that kept everyone singing,  dancing and happy.
I can only conclude by saying it was a smashing event held in a venue I would gladly visit again.   The committee members doing their level best to keep Old Time dancing alive and doing a great job.