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Our Society

Welcome to the Old Time (Classical) Dance Society website. Our Society was formed in 1984 with the aim of  keeping Old Time dancing alive and initially had 50 founder members. Throughout those years members have formed dance clubs in their local areas. Each club provides regular dances where you can enjoy the elegant style of Old Time sequence dancing. The Society is managed by a committee of volunteers who are elected annually by the members.

What is Old Time dancing?

Traditional English Old Time, now known as Classical Sequence dancing, started at the end of the 19th century and was the fore-runner for today’s ballroom dancing. One of the earliest sequence dances would be the Veleta, arranged by Arthur Morris in 1900. A popular dance still danced today in the magnificent Blackpool Tower Ballroom. Throughout the years there have been many new sequence dances and the Old Time Dance Society clubs teach, old and new dances to provide a varied dance programme for their events.

What do we dance?

At our events and regular dances we include a mixture of rhythms, from the slow Saunters, Gavottes and Old Time Waltzes, to the rousing Two Steps and staccato Tangos. We also have the occasional Foxtrot and Quickstep. The Quadrilles and the Lancers (set dances) dating from around 1730 also make an appearance on our dance programmes.

If you have danced Old Time previously, or are keen to start a new hobby, maybe interested in meeting new friends, why not join us and help ‘Keep Old Time dancing Alive’. Find your local dance club here.

Our Committee

At the Annual General Meeting each year our Committee is elected by our members. The Committee work hard on behalf of the members to organise many dance events and and dance breaks throughout the year. Our Area Representatives organise monthly dances for our members.

Old Time Dance Society Committee

Non Committee Members

There are also non committee members who support the the committee.

Our Area Representatives

Our area representatives run dance clubs around the country.

Join one of our dance clubs and enjoy a new hobby